Ocean Pollution

For my second Genius Hour, I had trouble deciding on what to do. At first I was thinking of some kind of Grant project on beach cleaning, but then I said that it would be better for the third Genius Hour. I decided to do something related to that for my second one. It was about ocean pollution, its causes and effects, and how it can be helped. I had a speech and a presentation on the subject to inform my peers about one of the other major problems in the world and how and what they can do to help the bigger picture.

Like I said before I chose this topic because it was related to what I really wanted to do (beach cleaning). Also, I have always been fascinated about the ocean and it’s wonderful creatures. It always killed me that humans treated it with such neglect, and some did not even see its greater value. I wanted to share my opinion and tell people what little things they can do to help. Even though it was a small school presentation, the smallest action can make a difference.

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While I was doing the research for my presentation, I learned a lot of things. However, in my opinion the most important parts of my presentation were the “5 Things People Can Do To Help”. I think that this was the most important part, because it is what the main pint of my presentation is, and it is the thing that will help this issue. Apart from this I also learned many different causes and effects. It was very difficult to decide which ones were the most important, but I still ended up picking only a few.

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For me, my presentation really helped me see clearer involving one of the major issues of the world. I would not say that it helped me grow as a person, it just made me more aware. Being more aware will help me take more action. It will make me try to be more careful with what I do everyday that might effect the environment. This can also make me into a more responsible person which can help me in many other things.

My Genius Hour presentation did not effect the world as an action, but it still made a difference. It was a ways to get a small community involved and informed, so that they could maybe start and be more environment friendly. Now because of this for example, it one day they are at the beach and they see littering, they will not just be a bystander, but they will actually do something. If it is not something like that then they will actually start looking after themselves and not try to hurt the environment as much.

For my third project, like I stated at the beginning, will be like a grant project. I was thinking of making it like a little business where we would find people without jobs, and give them the job of beach cleaning. They would get paid for their assist. This will not only help the people without jobs, but it will also be a different way to help the environment.

Please come check out my presentation and speech, to see what the causes and effects where, and also to find out what YOU can do to help.

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For my Genius Hour Project I decided to do a sort of grant project about Senegal’s environment, more precisely on it’s beaches, and poverty.8750115628_bf877f31b9_khttp://planetsave.com/2015/08/11/a-jihad-against-pollution-in-senegal/

As a class we had to go on twitter and find 10 Professors, Authors, Experts, or Thought Leaders in our chosen field and follow them.

The people I followed and why:

All these people where either environmentalists or worked in poverty.

After a few days and weeks of seeing what kinds of tweets they posted, and after creating a friendly yet professional relationship, we were ready for our request. We had to send each expert a personal tweet, depending on the person and what you wanted to ask them. You could ask them:

  •  A request for some specific information that you want to know for your research.
  • Advice, impute, or opinion

I myself asked for websites that could give me information on my subject. This would help me for my Genius Hour project because I would have professional input on the sites that I use.

This task was very difficult because we had to make sure to introduce ourselves, say why we where writing, and what we wanted to know in only one tweet (49 characters). For me this was the most challenging part, but after the first few, I started to get the hand of it, and the rest came quicker and better.

After that we had to wait for the experts to reply to our requests. I had three responses, one from @bjpoppe , one from @AMacEwen , and one from @dianeyentel. These three people gave me the links to the websites that they thought would help me. Apart from answering to my requests they also followed me back. Like I was already following them, every time I check Twitter I can see the different things they post, and some of those things can sometimes be helpful.

Overall, I think that this was a difficult task to to because, first of all you have to find the people and make sure they are “for real”. Then you have to get to know them online, and form an electronic relationship. This is very difficult because it makes you feel uncomfortable, talking to a stranger. Then you had to send them a request in a short about of words without being to broad, and making sure you have everything. However when they do answer you can get some very good responses that might really help you on a project.

I might use this process for other school project where input from experts around the world might not be a bad idea. I look forward to trying this again, but next time I hope that it will be on something that might be more fun to learn about.

Future Travel


Me and my family always try to go somewhere new when we get a holiday. However, even though I am passionate about travel, there are still pros and cons to travel.


  • Travel can be a way for you to get away, for your problems.
  • Travel is educational, and is a learning experience.
  • Travel gives you a chance to meet new people and try new experiences, with can help you find yourself.
  • If you are going with someone or a group of people it can give you a chance to spend more time with him.
  • Travel gives you a chance to make memories.
  • Travel can open many doors, and lead to many adventures.


  • Travel can make someone feel homesick.
  • Miss family and friends.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you don’t get what you expected.
  • Travel may cost a lot of money.

Even if the Pros overthrow the Cons, it does not mean that the Cans are not important.

With any great adventure or endeavor in life, there are going to be risks, and there are going to be sacrifices.” – Amanda Williams

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog - A small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world.


I have traveled to many places around the world, but there are still places I would like to go to. If you are someone who likes to travel, but has no idea where to go I have some sites that might help you. In my opinion there are different places that are better for different topics. I have four major topics the the different places fall on.

Winter Travel 

Summer Travel

Image result for italy


Historical Travel

Machu Picchu, Peru, UNESCO, Incan civilization

7 Wonders of the World

Check out these sites, and hopefully, there are going to be places that are going to get your interest. If you found any places you might want to visit, what are they? Do you have any more places to recommendations? Please leave a comment to one of these if you have any.


Most people in this world belong in a community, it is a main part of life. Being in a community helps the people inside that community a chance to be themselves. A community can be any kind of group or community that people join. Like, sport groups, community service groups, after school activities, and even social medias.

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ROLES IN COMMUNITIES: In a community, there are roles that each person in the group has to have. Here are some of those roles:

  • Leader – listens to the people in the group, and make sure they stay on task
  • Initiator – person who helps come up with the ideas
  • Elaborate – the person/people that elaborates on the ideas and find extra information to help with that idea
  • “Engineer” – the person/people that makes the product or action happen
  • “Recorder” – person that records all that is happening in that group/community

These are the main roles in a group but of cause there are the other people, the members that join and make all of it happen.

Image result for roles within a group



HOW TO DECIDE WHAT COMMUNITIES TO JOIN: It is not very difficult to find a community to join. What you have to do first if find something you are interested in. After you have found a passion or hobby, try to find a group that focuses on that idea. Then check out that group and if you see that you are starting to like it, then you have found your community.

Image result for community


WHAT COMMUNITIES AM I PART OF OR WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF: I would like to join more community service group that will help out countries community. I was thinking of maybe helping out in an orphanage every week. In school, I have already joined the Big Brother Big Sister after after school activity. This makes me be part of a community because we get to help and lead children to try and become better in school, this will help them get a better academic future. In future years I would like to join more sport communities, like volleyball or basketball. This will not only help me get better at sports, but also I will meet new people and make new friends.



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In school for my first trimester I chose to do art class. More precise I decided to do a painting and drawing class. It has been very fun these past few months. It was a class were you had the change to be creative, and open-minded. Most of all, it has become one of my favorite classes because of out recent unit. WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS.

I really love this unit, it was something I always wanted to do. It is not only a way to be creative, but it also has a lot of different techniques that you can use, to make your piece unique. Another reason why I like this unit so much is because of the way your piece can look so much different from the other students. Even if we are doing the same image, the way you do it, makes it special in your own way.

In this unit, we had a mini project where we had to make out own flower out of watercolor, with different shades of same color, to show value. I used blue as my color, and made the flower monochromatic, each petal of the flower going from dark blue to light turquoise blue. I am very proud of the way my flower is turning out.

For my final project I am still deciding on what to do, I want to do something that I have not done before. I don’t want to so a seascape, sunset, or flower because I have done those before. I found this very beautiful idea online and I think I would really like to do that as my final project.

Image Link

I would like to do something like this because I like it when there are a lot of colors under a very dark silhouette. Also, I will starts to make a lot more Watercolor paintings, because I am starting to really love it.

If you think the drawing above it pretty good, it is not very difficult to make. If you are someone who likes to make artistic pieces, and you have never tried Watercolor, I would really recommend it. Also if you have seen a nice watercolor piece before, send me an image, I would really like some new ideas, for when I make a next piece.

Flipboard Magazine Blog Comments

Hey guys,

For today’s challenge I played Game 2. I found many interesting blogs, but I only commented on three. One of them was about how you should be proud of who you are no matter where you come from. The second one was about an anime show, I liked this one because ti was the first blog post I read about an anime, and I thought it was a little outside the box. The last one I read was about surfing. The thing I loved the most about this one was the title. I found it a very catchy hook to the story.

I am sure that there were many other great posts but I think that the ones I read were very well too.

Come check out the blogs too at:

Final Breath

Fairy Tail




Fun Crafts

These days I was very interested in little crafts and gadgets. I spent a lot of time online trying to fins a lot of fun things to make. I think that things like that very fun to make and it is something you can do when you have nothing to do. You can do them with simple things that you have around the house. Sometimes you do have to go and buy somethings, but it is still worth it. I had a lot of fun making these crafts. There or so  many that you can make for everyday uses, and some for simple yet pretty decorations.

If you are someone who likes to make these kinds of things you can simply search “Fun Crafts” online and many videos and images will appear. Or if you are on twitter you should follow https://twitter.com/FunCrafts. These things can help you pass the time while doing something useful things for yourself.

There is a great variation of crafts to do. From art peaces to clothes, and so much more. Here are some images of fun crafts.

Image result for fun craftsImage result for fun crafts Image result for fun crafts

This site has many Fun Crafts check it out if you want to try some you:



Emergency Kit

If you had to leave in a hurry, what could you have ready to grab-and-go? If you are someone that always want to be prepared for emergencies, check out this list to see what things you can have ready to grab-and-go.

  • Water
  • Food, a supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit (with everything that it contains)
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener for food (if you choose to have food)
  • Maps of where you might be in the world
  • Cell phone with chargers
  • Prescription medications and glasses
  • If you have a pet: pet food and extra water for your pet
  • Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container
  • Family emergency contact information
  • Cash or traveler’s checks and change

I think that these are the minimal, but most important materials you might need. If you think that there are more materials that could be important, please leave a comment. I hope this helped some of the people who like to always be ready.