Landscape Story


It was a dark mysterious night. Three kids where walking home from a Halloween party in the woods. They where trying to find their way home, but they seemed to be lost. After a long time of walking they came upon three paths. One on the left one on the right and one in the middle. At first the kids all had a path they all wanted to go to. one of the kids wanted to go to the path in the right side. It seemed more lightened to him. The second kid wanted to go in in the middle path because it seemed more friendly to him, with birds chirping and flowers blooming. The third kid on the other hand wanted to go to the left because he said that it was a trick and the scariest path was actually the one most likely to not harm them.


Which path do you think they should take. Write your own ending and finish the story in your own way. I will be very excited to read them.

12 thoughts on “Landscape Story

  1. “The three kids then went their separate ways because they couldn’t decide on which one they would take. On the bright and lit up path, the lights suddenly went out leaving the first kid all alone on the path with no way to see. He finally found his way out but it took him hours. The middle path which had the birds chirping turned into a path with scary animals including wolves and bears. This child also got through but by the end, he was out of breath and had scratches all up his back from the animals. The last child, who went down the least friendliest path, was delighted to find that his way was the best choice. After the darkness came a light that led him out of the woods and safely back home in a matter of minutes.” I really liked the beginning of your story and how it related to Halloween! Come check out my blog post for week three of the student blogging challenge at

  2. I love how your post goes great with Halloween! The picture also goes great with the story! I think the best path to take would be the left path only because its dark and the other two are light.

  3. They choose to stay in the woods overnight because they are all too scared to do anything, and then, in the morning, they choose the 2nd route, and it is the eright way home.

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