Most people in this world belong in a community, it is a main part of life. Being in a community helps the people inside that community a chance to be themselves. A community can be any kind of group or community that people join. Like, sport groups, community service groups, after school activities, and even social medias.

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ROLES IN COMMUNITIES: In a community, there are roles that each person in the group has to have. Here are some of those roles:

  • Leader – listens to the people in the group, and make sure they stay on task
  • Initiator – person who helps come up with the ideas
  • Elaborate – the person/people that elaborates on the ideas and find extra information to help with that idea
  • “Engineer” – the person/people that makes the product or action happen
  • “Recorder” – person that records all that is happening in that group/community

These are the main roles in a group but of cause there are the other people, the members that join and make all of it happen.

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HOW TO DECIDE WHAT COMMUNITIES TO JOIN: It is not very difficult to find a community to join. What you have to do first if find something you are interested in. After you have found a passion or hobby, try to find a group that focuses on that idea. Then check out that group and if you see that you are starting to like it, then you have found your community.

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WHAT COMMUNITIES AM I PART OF OR WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF: I would like to join more community service group that will help out countries community. I was thinking of maybe helping out in an orphanage every week. In school, I have already joined the Big Brother Big Sister after after school activity. This makes me be part of a community because we get to help and lead children to try and become better in school, this will help them get a better academic future. In future years I would like to join more sport communities, like volleyball or basketball. This will not only help me get better at sports, but also I will meet new people and make new friends.



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  1. G’day Lea,
    A great post but for some reason one of the images is not loading properly. Maybe you could also include a link in the written part of your post eg to Big Brother, Big Sister.

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