For my Genius Hour presentation I decided to do something fun, and that was more hands on. I was researching fun things to make online and I came upon a play dough recipe. I decided to change the recipe a little and try to make it with ingredients that you can find around a house. I chose this as a project because I though that making a video on how to make a play dough with home ingredients might be fun. Also it might be a chance for kids to make their own play dough, instead of buying some. This project didn’t teach me a lot, it simply taught me how to make play dough with materials that you have around the house. On the other hand this did help me grow as a person. It helped me by showing me that their are a lot of interesting ways to do different kinds of things. This led me to start making other craft things, that can be useful for everyday activities, or simple something crafty and decorative. My project can’t and didn’t really impact or help anyone around the world, but it can be a way to tell them to start making their own things, and that their are a lot of fun activities to do around the house. For my next project I will try to do something that can effect the world. I think that I will do a project on beach cleaning in Senegal. My first Genius Hour Project was very fun to do and I hope that my second one will be as fun to do.

Check out my Genius Hour Project on HOW TO MAKE PLAY DOUGH



I found a very nice picture on a website, and I really like it. I changed it and made in into a sort of impressionist style painting. I really like it. I always liked impressionist paintings and I think the picture I used makes a very nice impressionist painting. Image modified from: File:Sunset with coconut palm tree, Fiji.jpg

Landscape Story


It was a dark mysterious night. Three kids where walking home from a Halloween party in the woods. They where trying to find their way home, but they seemed to be lost. After a long time of walking they came upon three paths. One on the left one on the right and one in the middle. At first the kids all had a path they all wanted to go to. one of the kids wanted to go to the path in the right side. It seemed more lightened to him. The second kid wanted to go in in the middle path because it seemed more friendly to him, with birds chirping and flowers blooming. The third kid on the other hand wanted to go to the left because he said that it was a trick and the scariest path was actually the one most likely to not harm them.


Which path do you think they should take. Write your own ending and finish the story in your own way. I will be very excited to read them.

How can tech be used to solve problems?

Lea Sleiman



February 28, 2016

How can tech be used to solve problems?

Tech can solve many problems. It can be used for education technology and prevent from cyberbullying. Even though tech can cause cyberbullying, it can also prevent it. If someone is being bullied online, you could track the computer, look at the webcam and see who did it. Then that person will get into trouble, but at least they won’t cyber bully again. Cyberbullying is a big problem these days, but at least we have a way to stop it. You can harass and threaten someone online, and that is a bad thing, so even if this happens we have a way to stop it. 

Tech can also be used for education technology. If someone never got educated before they could go online and find classes. Or if you are in school you could go online to get some information, about the subject you are looking for. When you do this though, you have to make sure that you cite you work. If you don’t that means that you are plagiarising. This can get you into a lot of trouble, it means that you are taking somebody else’s work and making it your own without saying where it comes from. Sometimes you may not mean to do this, but it still happens. Always make sure that you cite the website or database that you use.


My First Ballet

Over winter break, I went to Morocco for a few days then, I went to paris for the rest of the time. When we where in Paris everyday we did something different, but what I was excited the most for was going to the ballet for my birthday. When the day finally came I couldn’t stay calm, but I tried my best to hide it. I was trying to hide it because, my grandfather was sick at the hospital, and I didn’t want to annoy anyone. They had to take care of him before. Then when night was almost near, I was started to worry that we might not me going. Mt Grandfather was feeling better, but my mom didn’t want to leave him so, she might not going with me. I couldn’t go without my mom, so I didn’t know what to do. I also didn’t want to say anything to anything because it was rude. Then they told my mom that, she had to go, because the tickets where not refundable, and that my grandfather was going to be ok. That was finally resolved. We where on our way to the ballet. It was my mom, my two brothers, my uncle, my three cousins, my other uncle and me. The recital was starting at 8:30, and we where scared we where going to be late, because it was almost time. So we rushed as fast as possible to the Opera De Paris (where the ballet was held), when we got there we were lucky it hadn’t started yet, we went into the room and got seated. A few minutes later, the show started. From the beginning I loved it. It was so beautiful and graceful, and when they jumped it was like they flew. When they jumped they stayed like 5 seconds in the air. It was the best birthday ever. It was a three hour long recital, with three acts, and I didn’t mind it one bit, I loved it from the beginning to the end. I will never forget my first Ballet.

Who do you think you are?

Are you really what you think you are?

Are you what you want to be?

Are you living up to your best expectations?

Can you be a better person, for yourself and everyone else?

Are you what you want to be or what people want you to be?

Don’t let anyone change you, being yourself, is being the better you.